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Get results quicky by using dedicated exposure to 30+ stay night market.

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How it works

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How we do it

Tap into the 30+ nights market

1. We use social media and search engines

Because we offer a large range of properties, we have a very broad but easily qualified audience mixing awareness and retargeting campaigns.

2. We leverage local direct marketing

Our knowledge of local and direct marketing allows us to be very specific in targeting HR/Companies near your property.

3. We push your offers to active prospects

With a database of 100k individuals travelling in the region, we can send/display unique targeted offers to the right audience.


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Popular questions

How many leads will I get?

This is a very recurrent question, and it is not easy to give you one straight answer. We cannot predict this as it relies mainly on the city & area your property is. We provide more traffic and leads in busy cities like Singapore, Hong Kong & Bangkok. The quality of your listings (and its offer) will also tremendously affect the number of leads you are getting.

How can I publish my listings?

We will provide you with a username and password to access your control panel. Alternatively, we can upload everything for you and ask you to confirm before publication,

Do you charge extra commission if I make a sale through your portal?

No we don't. You only pay a flat fee to publish on Moveandstay. There are no hidden extra costs.

Can I get a trial?

We give trials in some cities. Please do connect with us.