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Tokyo Airport Information

Narita Airport (NRT)

Tel: (0476) 345 000.
Web site:

Narita Airport (also known as New Tokyo International Airport) is located 66km (41 miles) east of central Tokyo, and is the main gateway to Japan, with 47 airlines operating out of its two terminals. The airport is for international flights only; all domestic flights (and China Airlines flights to Taiwan) use Haneda Airport (see below).

Major airlines: JAL (tel: (03) 54 60 05 11; web site: and ANA (tel: (03) 54 35 03 33; web site: are Japans two main international airlines. Other major airlines include: Air China, Air France, Air India, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Garuda, Korean Air, KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Northwest, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai International, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

Approximate flight times to Tokyo: From London is 11 hours 40 minutes; from New York is 14 hours; from Los Angeles is 11 hours 40 minutes; from Toronto (via Chicago) is 14 hours 30 minutes and from Sydney is 9 hours 30 minutes.

Airport facilities: Facilities include bureaux de change, ATMs, travel agent, tourist information, numerous restaurants and souvenir shops (including duty-free shopping), left-luggage service, luggage delivery service, clinic, post office and car hire (Avis, Hertz).

Business facilities: Terminal two has a business centre (tel: (0476) 348 781). Facilities include two conference rooms, secretarial services and translation services.

Arrival/departure tax: There is no arrival tax. The departure tax of ¥2040 is included in the airfare.

Transport to the city: JR and Keisei railway lines (tel: (0476) 348 526) provide very frequent services to the city centre. The journey time is 60-90 minutes and tickets cost ¥1000-3000, depending on the type of train and destination within Tokyo. Limousine buses (tel: (03) 36 65 72 20) run several times an hour, serving major hotels in central Tokyo, Haneda Airport and Yokohama.

The journey time, depending on traffic and destination, is about two hours and tickets cost approximately ¥3000. Taxis (tel: (0476) 328 283) to the city centre are notoriously expensive, costing over ¥20,000. The journey time is about 90 minutes, depending on traffic.

Haneda Airport (HND)

Tel: (03) 57 57 81 11

Haneda, Tokyos domestic airport, is conveniently located 16km (ten miles) south of central Tokyo. Confusingly, Haneda continues to be officially known as Tokyo International Airport, despite the fact that all international flights, other than China Airlines flights to Taiwan and those carrying high-ranking official visitors from overseas, now use Narita Airport.

Major airlines: All major domestic airlines, including JAL (tel: (03) 54 60 05 22) and ANA (tel: (03) 34 90 88 00).

Airport facilities: Facilities include ATMs, travel agent, numerous restaurants and souvenir shops, left-luggage service, luggage delivery service, post office and car hire (Nissan, Toyota).

Business facilities: None.

Arrival/departure tax: There is no arrival or departure tax.

Transport to the city: A monorail connects the airport to Hamamatsu-cho station on the JR Yamanote loop line. The journey time is 20 minutes and tickets cost ¥470. The Keihin railway runs to Shinagawa station on the JR Yamanote loop line and other stations in the centre of the city. Limousine buses run to major Tokyo railway stations. Tickets cost ¥1100. Taxis to central Tokyo cost approximately ¥7000.