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Prague Sports and Activities

Outdoor pursuits:

The Czech Republic has a wealth of beautiful areas to explore. More than 10 per cent of the country’s surface area is occupied by the three national parks and the 1200 protected natural areas.

Skiing is a very popular activity, and there are many well-established resorts. The most frequented areas for downhill skiing are in the Krkonosÿe (Giant Mountains) in northern Bohemia, where Pec pod Snezkou, Spindlorov Mlyn and Harachov are the main resorts. Facilities are also to be found in the Jeseniky and Besniky ranges, and in the Orlické Hory (Eagle Mountains).

Cross-country skiing is also a widespread sport, and facilities and tracks are to be found not only in the Krkonose, but also in the Sÿumava (Bohemian Forest) in southern Bohemia. In summer, these areas become havens for hikers, and contain well-marked trails. The Krkonosÿe are the Czech Republic’s highest mountain range, with the country’s highest peak, Snezka (1602m/5255ft). Several other peaks exceed 1500m (4920ft). Less strenuous walks can be pursued in other natural areas, such as the Beskidy range.

Rock climbers should go to the sandstone rock formations in the north (Cesky raj, Andrsÿpach Rocks and Ceskosaské Sÿvycarsko).

Cavers should go to the Moravsky Kras (Moravian karst) near Brno, where there are interesting caves.

Cycling is emerging as a popular pastime, and the network of cycle tracks is growing. Southern Bohemia is a good region for this.

Horse riding is very popular, with many stables offering riding holidays or treks. Contact the Czech Horse Riding Federation for more information (tel: (2) 2051 1105; fax (2) 3335 4399; e-mail:


There are many lakes, both natural and artificial, and a variety of watersports can be pursued there. South Bohemia and Lednice-Valtice (south Moravia) contain extensive fishing lakes.

For more information on fishing, contact the Czech Angling Federation (tel: (2) 7481 1751; fax: (2) 7481 1754; e-mail:

Canoeing is done on rivers such as the Luznice, upper Vltava and Sazava. Windsurfing and sailing equipment can be hired at various locations.

Golf: This sport is increasingly popular, with some beautiful courses. Contact the Czech Golf Federation for more information (tel: (2) 5731 7865; fax: (2) 5731 8618; e-mail:; website:


The many thermal springs and mineral baths in Bohemia and Moravia have been frequented by patients seeking cures for various ailments for centuries. Nowadays, advanced medical techniques are combined with traditional methods of treatment.

The best known spas are at Karlovy Vary, Marianské