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Prague Introduction

Prague Overview

Prague (Czech Praha), capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. City with over a thousand-year history, was established and developed at the intersection of strategic routes connecting key centres on the European continent. Often called the City of a Hundred Spires because of its many churches and towers, Prague is the chief commercial, industrial, and cultural center of the Czech Republic. Unlike much of central Europe, the city was not seriously damaged in World War II (1939-1945) and remains one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. Since the fall of Communism in 1989, Prague has become a major tourist attraction through all Europe region.

Czech language

Czech, a consonant-rich Slavic language, is among the world’s most complicated. It contains sounds quite difficult for English speakers to produce. Fortunately many Czechs now speak English (particularly in Prague city centre). Among the older generations, Russian and German are also quite common.

Prague guide books often use English language names for sights around town. Whilst this is helpful, it can also be confusing when maps & street signs use Czech spellings. It can therefore be useful to include some information on important translations.

Local time

GMT +01:00 (Prague, Paris)


The spoken language in the Czech Republic is Czech. In the tourist areas most people are able to speak English and/or German.


220 V/AC


The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown. You can find the Czech Crown displayed like Kc or CZK.

Exchange offices

Can be found in most hotels and all around the city centre of Prague and on the airport. They exchange all common currencies


Czech staff in restaurants and bars get paid for their work so tipping is not obligatory but still expected. As general guideline 5 to 10% can be used.

Shopping hours

In the city centre of Prague shops and department stores are generally open from 9 AM till 8 PM every day of the week.