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This is a dedicated page for Prague expatriates, feel free to make your contribution, we would be pleased to help you. Go to our contact page and send your feedback.

Definition for Prague Expatriate

"Someone who has left his or her home country to live and work in another country (i.e. Prague) . When we visit another country, we call ourselves expatriates or expats for short."

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Useful Articles for Prague Expatriates

Comparative Study on Cost of Living for Expatriates across Cities by TDC Trade
The Economic Analysis Division in collaboration with the Census and Statistics Department has commissioned a private sector agent to collect updated data for comparing the cost of living for expatriates in seven selected cities, including Hong Kong, Prague, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei and Shanghai ... Read More

Effectiveness of Cross-Cultural Training Programs by David Gammel Updated!
Academic studies have long held that cross-cultural training affords international sojourners a better chance at succeeding in the host culture. In the case of business assignments, there is usually little question as to the assignee?s technical qualifications and skills to satisfy specific job tasks associated with the assignment ... Read More

Measuring the Value of International Assignments by Giovanni Schiuma and Mike Bourne
The use of expatriates represents a key strategic management lever for Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). Expatriates are used by multinationals to manage global and local business performance. However, despite the relevant importance of international assignments multinational organisations are not fully evaluating the benefits associated with their use ... Read More

A Review of Expatriate Medical Insurance Plans Worldwide by J Leslie Smith
For new ex-patriots, leaving the USA or Western Europe, to be based in a developing country, perhaps for some years, it is often a shock to discover that medical treatment of a reasonable quality is just not available, or very expensive, in their new location ... Read More

Protecting the Expatriate on Assignment by Frank S. Hardy
One of the most often misused or misunderstood terms in the international benefits field is "expatriate". Most people know that it does not mean, of course, a person who is no longer patriotic or a former member of the New England Patriots football team, but rather a person who is "overseas" ... Read More

How do you know if you are getting your money's worth from an expatriate assignment by Carrie Shearer
Most companies have one or two expatriates who are cost insensitive. They provide so much value to the company that any expense to keep that expatriates and their family in the assignment location is worth it ... Read More

Consequences of extending an assignment by Blair Curtis
Maybe the project isn?t finished, maybe you haven't yet found a replacement for this particular expat. But adding weeks, months or even years to an assignment greatly affects the employee and the family ... Read More

Local Living Reduces Expatriate Expense by Julie Cook New!
International assignees haven't usually been thought of as having a sweet deal. Not only do they have to contend with a multitude of family issues ... Read More

Parenting abroad: advice from an expatriate by Claire Chapman
Making decisions, making compromises, and understanding a child?s needs are among the lessons the author of Parenting Abroad has learned ... Read More